Bloomberg Deploys Apstra

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Bloomberg Deploys Apstra

Over the last five years, Bloomberg built a beautiful new and iconic European headquarters in the city of London that pushes the envelope in architectural design. The building won the prestigious Stirling Prize for design.

This building is also home to Bloomberg’s Television media production network. It connects the building’s central studio, three other broadcast positions around the building, two recording studios, a photography studio and three control rooms, as well as all of BTV’s production equipment. This media production network is fundamental to Bloomberg’s Television European activities.

We worked very hard and very closely with Bloomberg throughout 2018 to implement Intent-Based Automation in this network. You can read more details about the Bloomberg Apstra implementation in this press release.

Onwards and Upwards

I would like to thank the IT and engineering team at Bloomberg — Inderpal Khattran, Tony Lott, and Cas Holloway, for their trust, and for their great collaboration with Apstra. In the process of implementing Intent-Based Networking at Bloomberg, we built great relationships with the wonderful staff there, and have even become quite familiar with the details of this stunning building.

Bloomberg is a forward-looking company focused on building products and solutions that are needed for the 21st century. As a global information and technology company, Bloomberg connects decision makers to a dynamic network of data, people and ideas — accurately delivering business and financial information, news and insights to customers around the world. We look forward to our continued journey with Bloomberg and other like-minded customers as we deliver on the Apstra mission towards radical agility, availability, and operational efficiency across networks worldwide.

Why Apstra
Closed Loop, Real-Time Intent-Based Networking

Networks are the backbone to every business and a network failure or any downtime could impact an entire business and their customers. Networks need to operate like clockwork — and that is where Intent-Based Networking comes in — to monitor the state of the fabric and understand when that state deviates from an IT team’s expectations, in real-time and at all times.

Agnostic Across Various Networking Equipment Vendors

Today, the trend is increasing as we see more and more organizations require a single platform that collects all the telemetry from various switch models and from different vendors in an agnostic manner. Businesses need a way to normalize the data and store it in a repository so their engineering teams can query it in real-time.

Customers are turning to Apstra for Intent-Based Data Center automation to deliver on these requirements. If you’re looking to upgrade your networks and are seeking to deliver improvements in operational efficiency, agility, and availability, we invite you to give Apstra a test drive. We provide risk-free try-and-buy programs so you can experience the power of vendor-agnostic Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation first hand.

To learn more, join our Intent-Based Data Center Automation: Real World Deployments webinar on January 23rd at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET. Or contact us to speak with a local representative and explore a demo.


Five Data Center Predictions for 2019

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Five Data Center Predictions for 2019

Data centers are evolving to keep up with the demands of business transformation. The future of the data center industry is changing and 2019 will bring significant advances to reliability, agility, simplicity, automation, and cost. From 5G networks to Edge compute to the cloud — all improvements will help keep the world and our businesses better connected.

Just a few years ago, not many predicted cloud computing or data center automation would reach the heights we’ve seen in 2018 — Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities. Furthermore, the data center automation market was worth USD 5.92 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 16.10 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 17.83 percent, during the period 2018-2023. Who knew?

With the data center automation bar constantly being raised, where do we go from here?

For a look ahead into future data center trends, Apstra switched on our flux capacitor and revved our DeLorean time machine to 88 miles per hour to see what’s ahead in 2019:

IT Regains Control
2019 is the year that IT takes back control of outcomes for business transformation, unified policy, security protection, compliance, operational expenses, and the reliability of applications and workloads for their clients. In 2019 there will be a growing repatriation of many applications, data, and services back to the private data center. This will be facilitated because services such as Intent-Based Data Center Automation make private data centers much more viable through increased application reliability, cloud-like agility, and simplified operations through automation.
IT Slashes Costs
Enterprise data center IT will slash the cost of operations by eliminating the burden of testing, qualifying and verifying new vendor network devices and operating systems (OS) by using Intent-Based Data Center Automation that is built on level 2 Intent-Based Networking technology.
Enterprise IT Brings Shadow IT Back
2019 is the year that Enterprise data center IT teams bring Shadow IT back to the mothership. By implementing private data centers that are agile, secure, less expensive, operated using cloud principles, and easier for clients to consume, the data center IT teams will become superheroes in 2019.
Genuine Hybrid Cloud Emerges
In 2019 Enterprises don’t fully move away from the cloud, but hybrid cloud (private and public) becomes the norm for planning, designing, and building centers of data.
Edge Compute Becomes a Thing
Edge compute will continue to change the way data centers operate by moving compute and storage closer to the origination of data, therefore, data centers will see a major shift because of Edge networking. Edge networks, the cloud and modern data centers will all work together to make the world’s connectivity stronger and faster. Edge networking will also reap the benefits of the Internet of Things.


Documentation Does Itself
In 2019 Data Center compliance becomes incredibly easier and automated through self-documentation that produces a digital “paper” trail for the Data Center.  Intent-Based Data Center Automation creates ongoing traceability of human made and environmental changes that occur in the data center. This includes real-time validation and tracking of device version histories.

During 2019, things will move swiftly in the data center world to keep up with Enterprise IT demands and the pace of change from cloud computing, to containers, virtualization, machine learning, and edge computing. That’s just a snapshot of what we think Doc and Marty will see if they take the DeLorean into next year. There will certainly be more big headlines around Intent-Based Networking and Data Center Automation as IT find innovative ways to adopt it and evolve their data centers.

I predict these advancements won’t be the only ones we’ll see. What do you think the next big data center innovation will be? Leave a comment below.